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Article on Can I put my insurance on hold by adam

Can I put my insurance on hold

Adam Weaver

Pausing or Holding insurance

Kenny Rogers might've said that you've gotta know when to hold 'em, and know when to fold 'em, but insurance doesn't work like Poker.

Occasionally people ask us if they can "pause" owner builder insurance during a build (maybe for a holiday, maybe while refinancing).

If you think about what the insurance is for, you'll realise that the question doesn't make a lot of sense.

Make sure you Hold 'em ...

Simply put, owner builder insurance covers damage to your project, or damage/injury to others during the build.

Even if you're not actually on the project site, those risks are still in force. Criminals aren't likely to break into your project to steal or vandalise while you're actually there; that sort of thing is most likely to happen when you've left.

That's why it's important to have 24/7 active insurance like our Owner Builder Insurance package, and to keep making regular progress on the build.

... not Fold 'em

If you cancel your owner builder insurance during the build, what happens when something goes wrong? Just as you'd expect, you'd not be insured, and any damage or liability will be coming out of your pocket, not from your former insurer.

Owner builder insurance is pretty inexpensive for what it covers; and the potential financial consequences of not having insurance could be pretty dire. Obtaining insurance doesn't have to be hard - our online quote form takes around 90 seconds to complete, and will instantly e-mail you a quote to review.

Why not get a quote today and see how we can come up Aces?

Tell 'em, Kenny

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