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Article on Fire doesn't burn metal or does it? by adam

Fire doesn't burn metal or does it?

Adam Weaver

Is fire an issue?

One of the more perplexing things Owner Builders sometimes say to us is:

I don't need insurance for FIRE, since my house is made of metal. Fire doesn't burn metal/concrete/masonry/moon rocks/string cheese/whatever else is the building material du jour.

Yes, that's true to a point ... but what do you think happens to your metal or concrete if there is a fire?

Metal warps. Concrete becomes brittle. If there is a significant fire, even the concrete pad will become sufficiently damaged that no engineer would let you build on it again.

So whilst your metal building / concrete pad won't burn per se, it will likely be sufficiently damaged that you'll need to cart away the debris and start again from scratch.

Water can't hurt me either

By far and large, the most expensive type of claim we see is for storm or water damage. Water gets in everywhere, and can wreck just about any building site. The worst thing is that it always seems to happen at the worst possible time (while the roof is off) or with high winds blowing away the sarking. 

And let's not talk about high volumes of water - we've had a couple of claims where water has poured in from a hose or a broken pipe, absolutely destroying someone's home.

Escalation, Professional Fees, Expediting, Storage, Transit

Are all standard features of our Owner Builder Construction insurance  - and yes you need these even if you think you don't!

When things go wrong on a construction site, they seem to go expensively wrong. Make sure you have good construction insurance so you're not going to be significantly out of pocket following catastrophe.

Best of breed

Our owner builder insurance is a best of breed policy covering the major risks any owner builder might face. Make sure you protect yourself and get a quote from us - you'll be surprised at how inexpensive insurance can be for your project.

Quotes take around 90 seconds to complete, and are e-mailed to you instantly with all of the terms and conditions and an explanation of what's insured.

Make sure you insure your project for fire - it's just not worth missing out on being properly insured.

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