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Article on Green and environmental materials by adam

Green and environmental materials

Adam Weaver

Environmentally Sound Construction

Not all houses are made of brick & tile; owner builders can and do build homes from other materials with better insulation properties.

Straw Bale

Have you considered straw bale? It's surprisingly strong, very thermal efficient, and even has excellent sound dampening properties as well.

Rammed Earth

What about rammed earth? This has the advantage of high load bearing strength (up to three storeys) and superb insulation - we've heard reports that rammed earth homes maintain a constant inner temperature almost 365 days a year.

Green Roof

No room for a garden? Why not put the garden on your roof! What else were you going to use that space for :)

Your House Your Way

Being an owner builder, you have the unique opportunity to do something different, which suits you. Not everyone wants to build a 4x2 brick and tile house in the suburbs - there's nothing stopping you from being creative and coming up with something unique.

Your Insurance Your Way

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