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Article on Owner builder construction insurance cover by adam

Owner builder construction insurance cover

Adam Weaver

Owner Builder Insurance Covers More Than You Think ...

... because there are lots of things that can go wrong on any project.

Public Liability 

Covers your legal liability to pay compensation to others for personal injury or property damage arising from your project. 

For example, this could be:

  • a visitor to the site falling over a pile of bricks or hurting himself on building materials
  • a workers compensation insurer suing the owner builder for injury to a contractor 
  • a fire started from hotworks, and spreading to the next door neighbour's house.

NB: We strongly recommend that you buy workers compensation insurance to cover contractors who may be deemed to be your worker. Public liability insurance cannot cover workers compensation liabilities.

Damage to the Project

Covering accidental and unforeseen damage to your project, such as:

  • bushfire, fire, arson
  • storm, water damage, flood, burst pipes
  • vandalism and theft of building materials
  • earthquake, lightning
  • impact from a vehicle running off road
  • tree branches falling onto the property
  • and more ...

... including sudden & accidental damage neither expected nor intended by you.

Damage to Building Materials in Store

Covering materials at the manufacturers awaiting transport to your site (e.g. if the manufacturer passed title to you upon payment, while still in the manufacturer's care).


Covering materials (but not transportable or moved homes) while in transit to your site.

Theft of Building Materials or Your Tools

While on your site waiting installation.

Volunteers' Loss of Income

If injured while helping you out on the project.

Workers' Compensation

Covering your responsibility under your State's workers' compensation act. Even though contractors aren't your employees, they may be considered to be your workers for the purpose of the act if they're sole traders (or partnerships), or if they are sub-contractors working for your contractors, and are not correctly insured by the contractor.

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