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Article on Research your path to success by adam

Research your path to success

Adam Weaver

Take advantage of all the info you can get

It's a great time to be an owner builder, and the chief advantage that we see is that you can build your house your way. 

Training Providers

There are many specialist companies offering training courses - in most states training is compulsory (and excellent value for money). Each training course will provide you with valuable knowledge you wouldn't otherwise have. Some of these providers (in alphabetical order) are: ABE Education, Absolute Education, Anvil(straw bale), the Owner Builder Centre, Safe Rite, and many others to boot.

Read and Talk to Others

There are online forums and discussion groups, Home One is one of the oldest and most active. Even non-owner-builder-specific forums have other people ready to discuss their projects. Talk to people face-to-face as well, Home Base Perth for example is a good place to see products and talk to domain experts.

And for domain expertise, you absolutely can't go past The Owner Builder magazine  (since 1981!) for an enormous wealth of articles and ideas.

Don't forget your building certifier & surveyor. Chances are that he or she has been through the owner building process many times over, and would be happy to pass on some of that hard earned wisdom.

Google Search it, too

Whilst you probably won't find concentrated information like the domain experts we mentioned, there are snippets of useful information available all over the web.

For example, these quick links are easily searchable, and provide some background information on the rights and responsibilities of owner builders.

And lastly, the answers to every question we've ever been asked about owner builder insurance are discussed in the insights on our website. Owner builder insurance doesn't have to complicated; we try to make the process of obtaining and understanding an owner builder construction insurance quote easy.

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