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Article on Things go wrong by adam

Things go wrong

Adam Weaver

Things go Wrong

Disasters can strike even the most meticulous owner builder project. People often tell us that "nothing could go wrong" - but that's sadly not the case. 

Here are some examples of real claims just from the last 12 months (NB: details have been edited for brevity and to preserve anonymity):

Brickie on a Forklift

The brick delivery contractor was to deliver some bricks early in the morning, before our owner builder arrived to supervise. Neighbours reported that the delivery truck ran over part of the garden and side fence to start. To add insult to injury, the driver then clipped the corner of the house with his forklift, gouged the fence, then dropped the bricks in a jumble. 

Delivery company later admitted responsibility, but only offered $3,000 recompense (actual damages were $12,000). 

Moral: Even if you think the damage is someone else' fault, if you don't have your own insurance, you might not get anyone else to pay!

Apprentice with a Hose

The concreter had finished pouring the carport slab, and instructed his apprentice to stay there and regularly cool the concrete with water from the hose... just before an Easter long weekend.  

As far as we could tell, the apprentice abandoned the hose, and either forgot to turn off the water, or the clip holding the hose burst loose. Water poured into the house (sunken living room style) for three days straight. 

Needless to say, turning the living room into a makeshift swimming pool caused quite a bit of damage!

Moral: Even if you hire competent tradesmen, things can still go wrong... and they always seem to happen at the worst possible time.

Hail to a Roof

Who jumps up on a ladder to check a colourbond roof after a storm? Certainly not the average builder, and why would you? 

Six months after a major storm, our owner builder looked at his roof ... and discovered that it was entirely blanketed in small golf ball sized indentations. 

The entire roof had to be replaced at considerable cost and aggravation; since the rest of the house was almost at completion status.

Moral: Freak weather events are outside of anyone's control.

Insurance is Available

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