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Why Take the Risk?

If you’re an owner builder, you’re undertaking one of the most important projects of your life. The house you’re owner-building or renovating is where you and your family will build a life. Why take a risk as a builder and homeowner against the all-too-often unforseen incidents that come with construction works?

Your local authorities will require you to obtain Public Liability insurance for the project before the work starts. We provide Construction Insurance (Contract Works), which covers loss or damage to your materials and structures prior to completion, as well as Public Liability.

Public Liability is financially the biggest risk for owner builders. As an owner builder, you will generally be held responsible for damage caused to anyone else’s property and for any injury caused to a third party. Serious injuries can occur on even the smallest projects.

You'd be hard pressed to find any Registered Builder who would ever provide their services without getting insurance for a new construction project. You'll be taking on the same responsibilies during construction, when you obtain an owner builder licence and assume the role of 'builder' for your own home.

Get a quote in the early stages to save you time, money and unforeseen damages and financial loss. Don't wait until half way through the project to get an insurance policy when it will more difficult and expensive for you.

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